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Art Deco, Durban, Lawson Mansions,  012

Lawson Mansions, a smart 3 story Art Deco block of flats, with a delightful creamy face; rests comfortably on the corner of McDonald and Stella in Bulwer on the Berea. The body corporate and residents deserve praise for taking such good care of this handsome structure. I am sure the flats are as well maintained.

Surprisingly, all the windows appear to have their original wooden frames, stained a deep mahogany and in dramatic contrast to the light paintwork. Large windows pleasantly wrap around the corners of the building and are shielded by thin projecting slabs and moulded plaster frames. The building sports two entrances, one centrally located on its McDonald frontage and the other set to the right side of the Stella Road frontage. Their vertical windows break the predominating horizontal lines of the building and cast light on the stairwells. Perhaps, at the next corporate meeting, a decision will be made to replace flag poles to the extent posts. They are indicative of a more patriotic time. Such a lovely building deserves to wave its flag proudly.

Graham Leslie McCallum

Art Deco, Durban, Lawson Mansions,  McDonald Road 011

Art Deco, Lawson Mansions, McDonald Rd,  Durban 010


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